How to Make an Herbal Goat Dewormer

10 Jan

Livestock owners know that a lot of thought and work goes into keeping animals healthy. One of the best actions to take is regular de-worming. Your veterinarian can prescribe chemical wormers for your goats, or you can take a more natural approach. Purchase an herbal preparation at the local co-op, or supplement your herd’s diet with a mixture of your own design. Depending on the type of parasites your goats tend to contract, there are several herbal remedies to choose from. Add a few herbs together to make a good overall de-wormer you can use on a regular basis.


1 Check goats for signs of parasites. states that signs of infestation include white rice-like segments or live worms in stool, pot-bellied appearance, rough coat or weight loss in spite of sufficient food intake.

2 Purchase bulk ground herbs from a reputable local health food store, co-op or online. Be sure the pumpkin seeds are raw, and not the roasted salted snack.

3 Mix ground walnut hulls, pumpkin seeds, parsley, garlic, and Pau d’Arco in a large bucket.

4 Add a handful of the mixture to a trough full of feed to serve several goats. Each goat will need to eat some of this to prevent the parasite from passing back around.

5 Repeat this daily for one to two weeks to ensure the elimination of all parasites. Add hay or other roughage to their diet to help eliminate the killed worms.

6 Prevent recurrence by allowing free-range feeding of some general anti-parasitic plants. Plant garlic, parsley and wormwood (the milder varieties like Sweet Annie) so your goats can graze on them.


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