Homemade Cough Syrup…

15 Jan

Edited from original post from The Milk Mans Wife
My mom came over last night and saw the ‘jar’, tested it and said ‘Grandpa used to call this ‘snakejuice’….. Come to find out my grandpa used to make this very thing and I never new it. SO from now on its going to be ‘snakejuice’…..

Take your jar and make sure its good-n-clean and this is the rest of what you will need..

I know your first thought was the same as mine… Amish consume booze…..

My friend strolled right into the liquor part of the grocery store and snatched this off the shelf for me because, well – I am a liquor prude…. *hangs head* I admit it – a liquor virgin.. I have never tasted it and I have never tasted beer. Cant get the smell past my nose on the beer, it smells like your gonna lick a loaf of bread dough… yish

First you cut up 3-4 lemons – I had BIG ones and used 3. I then cut up 2 large onions into slices..


Then the onions…..

Then I layer them – first lemons then onions until I have about the same amounts…

Then you take a jug of honey and pour that over the top…..

THEN… the booze – a bottle of blackberry brandy and a bottle of peppermint schnapps…..
Yes use the whole thing if you are making a jug like this…

Here is the finished product….

We take about a Tblsp as adults and 1/4 tsp of it IF we give it to the boys…. There is no more alcohol in this than there is in ‘boughten’ cough syrup – just none of the synthetic stuff that they stick in it. My Amish friend said that she keeps hers in a cool place and that it will last…. are you ready – over a year….. I suppose with all the booze the lemons are ‘pickled’





post taken from : http://themilkmanswife.blogspot.com/2009/02/homemade-couh-syrup.html


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