Announcement to all submitters

20 Jan

It has recently come to my attention that some of the articles that have been submitted to this site and posted have come from other Prepper bloggers without any credit or backlinking to their sites. It has always been in the About section of this blog that information has been/will be gathered and submitted from around the web. I have no control over user submitted information and ask that you please provide me with a link to your original content and I will post it on the article/post in question.

I am sorry for any problems or inconveniences that this may have caused you with your readership or postings. It is not the intention of this blog (or its owner) to do anything to harm or misrepresent or misuse any information that is found herein. If you do find an article that belongs to you please bring it to my attention and I will add a backlink to your site in said article or host a banner linking back to your site.

It is (and remains still) my hope to share information in a positive and commutative manner to help other like minded people obtain information that may one day help with their own survival or disaster needs.


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