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72 Hour Kit is Essential for Any Emergency

28 Jan


Rain barrels collection for gardening

2 Jan

Rain barrels collect rainfall and store it, so that it can be used later. There are 3 main components – The roof, the barrel, and the hose. These are not always a roof, barrel, and hose, but those functions will be present in almost every system (collection, storage, and output). A very common setup is to place barrels under gutters and fill watering cans with the water as needed. Our system will use a small awning as our roof (our gardens and barrels are located a bit away from the house), a barrel for each garden bed, and a soaker hose that runs into each bed from the barrel. Here’s how we made the barrels.
Step 1. Procure the barrels. The most important thing about the barrels is that they hold water, and they never held anything bad. In Texas we could get 55 gallon blue plastic barrels from the Coca-cola bottling plant – they were used to transport soda syrup. Up here in North Carolina we got them from an independent farm supply store, and they were used originally to ship pickled Continue reading

Candwich–in expensive MRE

17 Dec


The Candwich is something that I came across the other day while shopping at a Wal-Mart Super Center. I was really intrigued by these MRE styles sandwich’s, the Wal-Mart that I purchased mine at was selling them for $1.25 which is a great price so I picked up the only 2 flavors that they had. According to the Mark One Foods Website and a YouTube Interview with the creator there are more flavors and styles of sandwich’s that are available including French Toast and Pizza Pockets, of which Im sad that I couldn’t find the Pizza one 😦

So when I opened one of the can’s (I chose BBQ Chicken) it was a very tiny sandwich, that was maybe good enough for a child or elderly person. The sandwich was very moist, which I didn’t expect since there was a silica packet in there. The meat was kind of vinegary but good. Mind you I ate mine cold, may take on a different taste when warmed. Over all I would say that I love these little Candwich’s. Im not sure of the price across the nation however, I do know that at my Wal-Mart they were only $1.25 Im going to be going back to purchase a lot more of these for my Bug Out Bag’s, Car Emergency Kits, and for friends and family.

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Buy One Get One Free at Eyebuydirect.com 12/3

30 Nov

Close-up eyeBOGO BONUS! Buy One, Get One Free with code SALEDAY11, only on 12/3 at EyeBuyDirect.com! 

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Prefect time to get the glasses you need for your prepping supplies and bug out bags. All you need is your current prescription and your pupil distance. Many glasses are only $6.95 + shipping which comes out to about $12(something) a pair vs. the $300 or $400 per pair you would get if you went someplace like Lens Crafters or other optical places. At the time of this posting if you use code SALEDAY8 you get free shipping, and if you use code TRYUS you get 15% off your over all sale.

Cheap Prescription Eye Glasses from eyebuydirect.com

16 Nov

One thing that any Prepper needs is extra eyeglasses for the whole family or group. That can run hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, there is a little known site called Eyebuydirect.com that has hundreds of styles of glasses starting at $6.95. I will say that I have personally used this site for years now and have a nice selection of glasses stocked up.

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