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How to Store Grains for up to 25 years

25 Jan

These are troubling times indeed with economic, climatic, and social upheavals and wild gyrations of every type in every corner of our planet. Although I would not specifically ever rate myself as a “survivalist” I do believe in being prepared for any eventuality: One of the most important factors towards this type of preparation is to ensure that there is an adequate food supply to last out any emergency, whether short- or long-lived.

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Making Your Own Pectin!

17 Dec

I have discovered there is a way to make my own homemade pectin that can be used in all kinds of preserves. Basically, any kind of apple, be it Crab Apple, Granny Smith, or Macintosh, can be used as they are naturally high in pectin. In this case, I have some huge crab apple trees around the gun shop that I used to make my pectin with.

Apples contain a more concentrated amount of pectin when they are under-ripe rather than ripe. This means that I will have to pick the fruit about two weeks before it’s harvest ready, when the apples are still green and tart. Some apples, like the crab apples, will still contain enough pectin when ripened to be useful, while others loose the pectin as they ripen.

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Preparedness Quick Tip: Cheap and Easy Wash Water Storage

12 Dec

Here’s a super quick tip for those of you who use liquid laundry detergent.  Did you know those jugs, once they’re empty, are great for storing wash water in?  You can rinse them out a couple of times (usually I do that into my last load of laundry from that jug anyway) or just fill them up and let the bubbles settle and you’ve got a jug of water that’s great for using to wash clothes, floors, etc.  It already has some soap in it!  Just remember to label your jug after filling it with water.  Water stored in a detergent jug is NOT drinking water!  Happy easy wash water storage!

Canning Water for Storage

5 Dec

Some time ago I saw where people  were canning water to have on hand in case of an emergency. This made lots of sense to me (why buy water).
However this summer I was doing A LOT of canning and I needed every jar to can actual food, so I did not worry with water. Now as I am emptying jars while feeding my family I am filling them back up with water, since filled jars take up the same amount of space as empty jars. Also if you don’t have your canner full when doing a batch of something else throw in a jar of water  to fill it up etc.
I am using my Tattler reusable lids as well as some used lids… DO NOT USE USED MEDAL LIDS on actual food, they are not really made to be used more than once, but if they don’t seal I am not out of work, time or money when there is only water in the jar. I have not had any of my used lids not seal on my jars of water.
The process is simple, put hot (I use filtered) water in hot jars, and process in water bath for 10 minutes. If you are just filling your canner up with an extra jar you can process as long as the rest of the batch needs to go. Then Next year when I need my jars I will just empty the water and start over.
This is an easy almost free way to help provide for your families, since we never know when we may be with out power or water for an extended period of time.

Chia seeds are the ultimate survival food for long-term storage

16 Nov

Chia Seeds Are The Ultimate Survival Food For Long Term Storage

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, there’s a lot of renewed interest in preparedness. One thing we all learned from the disaster is that when the power grid goes down, starvation isn’t too far behind for those who have failed to store food.
It’s easy to store a 72-hour supply of food just by shopping at the grocery store, of course: Canned soup, bread, peanut butter and even salted nuts are all readily available as long as you don’t wait until the last days before a storm hits to buy some supplies.
But what if you’re looking for food that keeps you alive during a long duration grid failure or natural disaster? What if you need to feed yourself and your family for 30 days or longer without a single trip to the grocery store? That’s where you have to start thinking more strategically about storable food.

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75 items you might not have stored yet

14 Nov

It seems like all the blogs, YouTube videos and message-boards talk about prepping food, water and guns. Well we’ve compiled a list of 75 helpful items that you should consider prepping for a SHTF (S**t Hit the Fan) scenario.

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