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Seed Balls — a good winter project

30 Jan

The seedball planting technique was developed ...Homemade seed balls are a clever way to sow seeds (single species or a mix) without digging.  It’s inexpensive, easy and you can cover a lot of ground.  They are just scattered onto the soil surface, not buried.  Then they just sit there, ensconced in their mud-and-compost ball until it rains, safe from birds, rodents,  drying out, and they won’t blow away.  They are especially useful in areas with unpredictable rainfall.  If there’s no rain, the seeds just sit there and wait. When enough rain falls to soften the balls (usually 3-5”), the seeds sprout.  The clay and compost work together, as the clay is good at

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Edible Plants

19 Dec

Foraging, if you hadn’t heard, is the new repurposing. Going out and finding ingredients for your dinner either in the woods, your front lawn or … if conditions are right, your neighbors back lawn.

Most foraging takes research, education, some professional guidance, and let’s face it … bravery. It takes a brave soul to a) rumble around the bush with all it’s spiders and such, looking for an edible mushroom or leaf. Because spiders are scary.

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